Football Player Colin Kaepernick is destroying his career due to belief that America is a “country of hatred”

Football player Colin Kaepernick has caused irreparable damage to his public image after a series of comments about America being a “country of hatred and bigotry.” His controversial comments reached a climax when he refused to honor the football tradition of standing for the national anthem. Critics as well as football fanatics everywhere called his decision to sit during the national anthem a highly disrespectful and unpatriotic feat. Many outraged fans have talked out against Colins anti American banter calling for him to be fired from the NFL. Even with all of the outrage, Colin still has refused to apologize for his comments and not standing for the national anthem. Whatever happens, it looks like colon will be sitting out quite a bit in his near future. I’m John P signing out.


Jessica Rabbit without makeup

Jessica Rabbit, one of the hottest cartoon characters of all time, goes without makeup in for the first time! I think it’s safe to say that Jessica Rabbit looks just as good without her dark lips and eyeshadow

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What we’re all about

Ever wondered what your favorite female cartoon characters look like when stripped of their makeup? If so, you have come to the right place! Come see Cinderella without makeup! Take a look at Lois Griffins bare face! See how Peggy Hill looks like before her daily beauty routine! Weather you are looking to see the whole cast of total drama without makeup and hair dye or just looking to take a peek at Ariel from the little mermaid sans lipstick. Either way, expect to see your favorite cartoon gals in an entirely new way!